Live for today. Love for tomorrow…
Maple Springs is where second chances begin.

Staggered by her cancer diagnosis, Monica Zelinsky seeks the solitude of her uncle’s remote cabin. Instead, she finds her brother’s best friend, too-handsome marine Cash Miller, and his two young nephews. Now Monica and Cash’s long-hidden attraction could become something deeper—if they let it. Because when the future is uncertain, falling in love is the greatest act of hope imaginable…

Book 5 of the Big Sky Centennial Series

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The LeNaro, Michigan Books

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August 2019 - book 6

A Soldier's Prayer

November 2018 - Book 5

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Maple Springs, Michigan Series

Where love runs sweet.....

May 2018 - Book 4

Finding redemption in Maple Springs

After her failed marriage, Rose Dean refuses to rely on any man. But when Cam Zelinsky steps in and helps save her diner, Rose starts taking a second glance. Cam could use a little redemption after some bad choices tarnished his reputation, but he never imagined having a family. Now Rose and her son are making him see that maybe he’s been chasing the wrong dream.

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She’s got a Christmas secret…
But is he ready for fatherhood in Maple Springs?

When Cat Zelinsky returns to her hometown, she doesn’t expect to bump into Simon Roberts. The moment he sees her newborn daughter—and his own brown eyes looking back at him—Simon learns the secret Cat’s been keeping. He’s a daddy. And this Christmas, the globe-trotting bachelor might just discover that a loving family is exactly what he needs.

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February 2016 - Book 2 

The Captain’s Homecoming...
Retired army captain Zach Zelinsky is
determined to put his harrowing past behind
him and start a quiet life selling his artwork.
But the storefront building he buys comes
with a tenant—a too-pretty tea shop owner
who doesn’t give him a moment’s rest.
Ginger Carleton is rallying the merchants of
Maple Springs, Michigan, for a Valentine’s
Day window-decorating contest. And she’s on
a mission to convince Zach to lose the gruff
exterior and open up to her. As February 14
approaches, the wounded warrior may just
find that Ginger is offering exactly what
he’s been missing: love

October 2016 - Book 3

An Inconvenient Attraction...
Before leaving for a coveted two-year musical residency, cellist Bree Anderson is taking one month for a relaxing lakefront vacation. But she’s thrown off track by the instant attraction she feels for one of the resort’s instructors.
The last thing local Darren Zelinsky needs
is a privileged summer resident like the
fiancée who jilted him. Bree’s no threat to
his heart…until he uncovers the vulnerable
woman beneath the pristine exterior. And
soon Bree is in danger of falling for the rugged outdoorsman. The clock on her stay is ticking and Bree’s facing an impossible choice— between a lifelong dream and a lifetime love.

September 2015 - Book 1

The Widow's surprise baby...

When Annie Marshall discovers just weeks
after her husband’s death that she’s carrying
his baby, her sadness turns to hope. Scared
of facing this all on her own, she reluctantly
accepts the help of her husband’s best friend,
Matthew Zelinsky. The kiss they shared after
the funeral was just two friends comforting
each other—or so she tells herself. Yet
spending time together makes them wonder
if what they feel is more than friendship.
When people in town start raising eyebrows
and her business begins to suffer from
the gossip, Annie must decide if loving
Matthew is worth the risk.

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